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Torque motor can supply a comparative bigger starting torque. What's more, it has the characters of vertical to below. In the circumstance of working with low speed and block rotate, It can both keep steady and block rotate.

1.The scope of speed control is wide:the motor torque is proportionable to the square voltage. You just modify the input voltage in order to control the speed.

2. Adapt to rolling work:To roll things with steady speed by firm tensility,the output torque will rise to 2times and the speed will reduce to half, when the diameter of rolling shaft rises to 2times. It must keep this proportion when the motor works.

3.Adapt to block rotate: The design of the torque motor is different from induction motor and reversible motor,, It can keep steady torque in the state of block rotate and low speed rotate It is mormally used to the task that need still torque, such as withstand object working. What's more, it can be used to the project which need motor to work in condition of block rotate. The voltage is 60V(110V rated), 140V(220V rated) when motor work continuosusly. It is short time rated when the voltage is 60V or 140V upward. It is 5minutes rated when the voltage is 110V,220V, (Note:the output torque will be big when motor block rotate. Please don't let the torque value surpass the value which thte reducer can bear. What's more, please don;'t strike the motor, or the reducer will be damaged if the strike power is big enouth.)

4. It can be used as brake: In the area of speed-torque character, the torque motor can be used as brake. What's more, you can process firm ensility control by DC magnet stimulating.

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